22 April 2010

Biker Dude

100_2354Yeah, that would be my itty-bitty baby on a great big two-wheeler.  He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but we have discovered that if he goes left from the driveway instead of right, there is just enough of a slope so he can coast and practice balancing.  He can get it once in a while, so one of these days it will just click and off he’ll go.  If he get frustrated and the bike starts gathering dust, we may get him a pair of training wheels.  “Wheel” see!  ~snort~ (I’m glad I amuse myself).

We got the bike at Dream Bikes up in Madison, which was pretty awesome.  We got a really nice used Trek for not a lot of money, and at-risk kids are getting jobs learning how to rehab, maintain, and sell bikes.  Miss Bean is lobbying pretty hard for a bike, too.  She’ll need training wheels, I’m pretty sure.  Being mama’s girl, she’ll probably need them until she’s a teenager.  Okay, mine really weren’t on that long, it just felt that way.

ETA:  Yes, that is Beeb in the middle distance and Bean is on the trike with a friend in the far distance.  I don't think it biggifies enough to make that out though.


Namma said...

Tell Bug he looks awesome astride his new bike...and even a bit Star-War-ish with the cool bike helmet...can't imagine that would interest him, though. ;o) Speaking of itty-bitty baby, isn't that the wee one in the distance on the first picture? Can't tell for sure, but I think I recognize the tee shirt...courtesy of Miss Bean's talent.

Cindy G said...

Yup, definitely cute! (Though the young man in question would probably prefer the term "awesome")

kristenok18 said...

Yeah, Bug!!! Can't wait for the boys to go biking together, now! :D

MollyBeees said...

Dude! You look so COOL on that bike!