19 May 2010

Dear Soon-To-Be-Former (but not nearly soon enough for me) Governor Doyle:

Good-bye, good riddance and don’t let the door smack you on the backside on your way out.

I hope the dairy industry and/or public safety have a nice big cushy chairmanship waiting for you.  I’ll bet you’ll be getting a nice fat paycheck for having your name on some board of directors with no actual effort involved.  Why else would you choose to have your legacy remembered as the Governor that killed the family farm and criminalized healthy food?  Here I thought I was living in a democracy where the people had a say.  Turns out I live in a state where the governor can be bought by the highest bidder.  I hope you are pleased with yourself. 

If you weren’t purchased by Big Ag, then you heard Public “Health” telling you the sky was falling and ran into the cellar like a good little chicken little.  That would mean that you think I am too stupid to decide what is healthy and safe for myself and my family.  I hope not.  That is probably the only thing that would piss me off more than having an elected official living in Big Ag’s pocket.

Yours truly,



Namma said...

Looks like the folks in your state were able to vote him out of office, though...sometimes the democratic process actually works.