26 May 2010

The ONLY good thing about the hot weather…

…is that it make green things grow.  After a largely coolish pleasant spring, we have been beset with three days of 80’s and 90’s and plenty o’ humidity.  Not my favorite weather.  But look what it does to the plants:

FrontPlanter 100_2448

That was only six days ago!  And wee little things are sprouting all over:

100_2442 100_2445 100_2446

And crazy little herbies (cumin on the left and on the right is basil with its volunteer lettuce friend…I figure we might get a bitsy salad before the basil needs the space):

100_2449 100_2451

And crazy little kidlets:

100_2443 100_2447

And finally, since I had to be outside to limit the amount of chaos and mayhem generated by the Beeb, I finished some planting:

100_2440 100_2441

I wasn’t real clear on which were the roots and which were the shoots on the Lily of the Valley, but I figure they’ll be smarter than I am and figure out which way to grow in spite of my efforts to confuse them.  The rhubarb isn’t looking too pleased about the change, but I am optimistic that will perk up once it gets a chance to acclimate.

Gotta run for now…I have a pan of gyro meat ready to come out of the oven…made with New Glarus ground lamb from Patty Reedy.  The tzatziki sauce, made with homemade yogurt is waiting in the fridge.  Jealous yet?


Namma said...

Yep, I am...jealous, that is...your dinner sounds yummy!

On the other hand, as much as your new little plants are loving the hot weather, I personally find it hard to agree with them, cool-weather lover that I am. I can't decide whether I want to keep the cool weather...or actually plant tomoatoes this year...;o)