04 June 2009


Phase I of the lofts is finished! Further phases will involve at least painting and bookshelves...who knows what else will evolve. For now, I'm just going to bask in the glow of having the first part done! Bug's loft:

He slept his maiden voyage in it last night and declares it very comfy! I had to kind of Kinnear Bean's loft as I couldn't get myself far enough into the closet to capture it:

Clearly, Beeb has figured out how to climb the ladder. My littlest monkey. Of course, he can't get down, so he just sits and hollers until someone comes to help him down. He tried climbing down once, made it part way and fell the rest of the way. No injuries, just shook up for a few moments. Since the picture was taken, Bean's mattress has been moved up. We had originally planned on her staying on the floor for a while since she still sleeps very soundly and wakes up disoriented once and a while. However she insisted on be "up" so we moved it. She decided that she would stay in her own bed all night so she wouldn't have to try and climb the ladder in the middle of the night (she usually joins us in the wee hours). However, shortly after getting all tucked in, she changed her mind and spent the whole night with us.


Namma said...

The loft beds look GREAT! You must have had some expert help in picking out the lumber (i.e., another anal engineer type) ;o)

And yes, I see your littlest monkey up on the high perch. You'll have to attach "vines" to the bed so that he can swing down...[chuckle]