13 June 2009

Little brother

Can you tell how much this little guy wants to be *just* like his big brother? This picture doesn't show it, but he wants to be just like his big sister, too. He watches both of them like a little scientist making important scientific observations and imitates them and tries to join in whatever they are doing. It's adorable, but baby dude? I know you want to be a big kid in the worst way, but can you stay a baby for a while for Mama's sake?

We have been enjoying the spring weather as much as we can. Just this past week, we spent parts of two days at parks, we walked to the library on Wednesday, and we went to an open house at our new CSA. After getting a tour each family got to pick out a bedding plant. We got a sun gold tomato and since Miss Bean was disappointed devastated by the choice, Farmer George helped her pick out a flower. He asked her what color (pink, of course), she rejected a geranium as not quite the right color before settling on a pink snapdragon that was just perfect!

Today, Bean and I went to The Sow's Ear to knit in public and watch the parade for Verona's Hometown Days. We had fun and it was a good reminder that I really need to make more one-on-one time with the kids. It turns out I'm a lot more fun when I don't have kids screaming at each other and bickering. They do play so well together a lot of the time, but they can both from zero to intergalactic crisis in about four seconds when the need arises. The more crises that Mom gets marinated in, the crankier she gets.


Jan Mader said...

What an adorable blog!

I originally stopped by because of your interest in cats. Once I got here I realized you homeschooled.

I'm a children's author. I have a blog for parents, writers, and homeschoolers at:

and a blog for animal lovers at

I'd love to have you visit either or both!

MollyBeees said...

I love the picture. I had such a great time with Clara today. What a little sweetheart. You are so blessed!

Namma said...

The picture of your two little guys is so adorable...and yes, they stay babies for such a short time, even if they don't have older sibs to emulate. That's what makes having grandchildren so wonderful...a chance to experience being around those sweet babies again. Just wish your three weren't so far away [sigh].

Hege said...

Cute picture!