24 March 2008


Almost three weeks? Yikes! I am behind on blog-reading, I am doing nearly as much dithering about knitting as actually knitting, and when we get a hint of spring, we have to leap into action and enjoy it before the next snowstorm. The kids have plenty of energy, but Mama has the March Blahs bad!

A few of the highlights...clear back at the beginning of the month, we finally made it back to Olbrich Gardens for another short tropical vacation! The orchids were still lovely and I remembered my camera for a change.



Mr. Beeb hit his six-month milestone. He has just started solid foods, and like his older siblings tried sweet potatoes first:
Bug and Bean thought it was funny how messy he was, which made me laugh. Compared to either of them having their first encounter with sweet potatoes, little Beeb is practically pristine. In fact, I think Bean actually had more sweet potatoes on her face when she made the comment! He can roll anywhere he wants right now and if something cool isn't to far in front of him, he can drag himself in an army crawl. He also gets up on hands and knees and rocks, so crawling is imminent.

Last week was spring break for the college kids, so on Tuesday we made a trip to campus to visit the geology museum to see the rocks and dinosaurs. Bug gave names to all of the dinosaur skeletons and we sat and looked at the phosphorescent and fluorescent rocks under ultraviolet light too many times to count.

On Wednesday, we took advantage of melting snow and mild weather and visited the zoo. We hadn't seen the new red panda that arrived in January and even merited a picture in Cute Overload. Unfortunately, he was completely tucked and curled and snoozing when we were there. Maybe next time!

On Friday, we colored eggs with some friends, but had to venture out in a snowstorm to do it. Another eight inches or so! Bug and Bean had a wonderful time and even managed to avoid any major dye disasters. There were a few dropped (and cracked) eggs, but those just became snacks!

We had Easter dinner with my friend K and her family. We have adopted each other, so I now have some "family" in the area and she has grandchildren to play with and read to and watch grow. The kids got to hunt for Easter eggs and we had a lovely dinner (well, except for the part where Bean puked). We brought a carrot cake, which Bug insisted had to have frosting carrots on top:


Since both Bug and Bean helped grate carrots, how could I refuse? I had never made a carrot cake before, but Better Homes and Gardens did good! Very dense and moist. Yum! Next time, I will have to try Marianne's recipe (via Norma's blog) but sans raisins, as it sounds very yummy, too! The kids and I had leftover cake for breakfast. Hey, it counts as a vegetable, right?

A couple of finished objects, a knitting update, and a spinning update will be coming soon. Really. Way less than three weeks, I promise!


Marianne said...

You're much better with your promises than I am, heh. I 'saw' you out and about the other day, waved... good to 'see' you!
Dude, Bug is getting some height on him! What a crew you have, they always give me some good giggles, that Beebs and his sweet taters.. :^D

Yes, carrot cake IS good for you and when you throw in the pineapple and walnuts? You have a fully balanced meal, promise :^)

YarnThrower said...

Why is it that things around here seem so much nicer when the college kids are all away? So much easier to drive through town, etc... Anyway, I had to laugh because dh took our boys to the geology museum on campus today! (I worked on our taxes -- probably not as much fun...)

Namma said...

Three weeks are way too long for me, because I have more than casual interest in the goings-on in your part of the world! Beebs is already a sweet sweet potato, without having to eat any. He looks like he thinks he's some punkin with his first solid food.

I was glad to hear that you had such a nice Easter (and events leading up to it). I must admit, though, that I'm envious of the adopted grandparents, 'cause I'm constantly wishing I could be there doing things with all the littles...[sigh]

Cindy G said...

Of course a carrot cake has to have carrots on it! How else would the Easter Bunny know what it was?
The orchid photo is breathtaking.