14 August 2007


Yeah, I'm still here, but I have been nurturing my inner hermit. We have had a rough couple of weeks. The weather has been pretty typical August yuck...hot and unbearably humid, which is my least favorite weather. Add waddling, uncomfortable, and toes in my ribs and we are all working on a bit of cabin fever because I just can't bear to leave the house. We do manage to go swimming when we can, but the yucky weather has also been unsettled and stormy, so we have to skip the pool on those days.

In addition, we had to say goodbye to our little, orange Kitty Man last Friday. He hasn't been eating well since we got back from vacation in early June, which we attributed to the stress of us being gone and the hot weather, but he just kept losing weight. By the time we got him in to see the vet, his liver was in bad shape and he went downhill quickly. He was a sweet, affectionate (in a pathological, can't-take-no-for-an-answer kind of way) boy and will be missed. It's amazing that someone so little and orange can leave such a big hole.

Kitty Man (1998-2007)


Marianne said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry, there's been a lot of this going on in our knitting community and it's sad and pain each and every time, and I know...for being so small it's amazing how much room in our lives they make..
Knitting needles raised...Here's to Kitty Man...may his journey continue to be blessed...(they do come back to you, watch for him in your dreams).

I'm with you on the weather, scorchers here with high humidity, yuck...but I don't have little toes digging into my ribs..been there, done that 3x...heh.
Hang in there, it will get better.

Namma said...

I teared up just looking at your picture of Kitty Man aka Little Orange Man aka Guy. We certainly know we will miss him the next time we visit you. Even though he was a tad neurotic, he was a charmer, which is why I always offered to take him home with us. Hopefully, he has found a pair of "good hands" to give him the rubs that he was always demanding.

knottykitty said...

I'm so, so sorry for your loss of Kitty Man. He was a fine kitty, indeed. Those small,fuzzy ones do manage to take up a huge portion of our hearts--I know he will be missed. May he frolic happily on the other side of the rainbow bridge!

Sarah and Jeremy said...


we are so very sorry to hear about kittyman:( Take care and know we're thinking about you.