30 August 2007

Gettin' my geek on

I'm sure the general sogginess of southeast Minnesota and south central Wisconsin is news to no one by now. But I have to get my geek on and revel in the hydrology for a moment. Although there is one day left in August, the forecast is for no rain for a change, so I will go out on a limb and assume that things won't change today or tomorrow. First up, daily precipitation for the month:

I would like to point out that prior to August 4th, we were having drought conditions...dead lawns, watering restrictions, the works. Since then we have had rain almost every day (about half the days that look like zero on the chart actually showed a trace of precip). And may I point out that 1/2-inch of rain is a decent amount (ten days of the month if you include the 27th with 0.48 in) and three of those days over a half an inch set record daily rainfall amounts (3.39", 2.13", and 3.20" on the 18th, 19th, and 22nd, respectively).

So what do a lot of wet days add up to? A VERY soggy month:

The line shows the cumulative rainfall to date for each day of the month and the blue arrows highlight some interesting monthly totals for the Madison airport. From top to bottom, they are

  • Average monthly rainfall for August = 4.33 in
  • Record monthly rainfall for August = 9.49 in (set in 1980)
  • Record monthly rainfall for any month = 10.93 in (set in July1950 and based on over 100 years of data)
  • Total for August 2007 = 14.88 in
Fortunately, our apartment is located where flooding hasn't been a problem, though there have certainly been some impressive flooding in our county and in the surrounding areas. Our problems have been limited to too much indoor time since everything has been staying wet all the time and a bumper crop of mosquitoes. Fortunately, today is lovely and the forecast for the next few days is sunny and clear, so the mud may dry up and we might get a little outdoor time if the skeeters don't eat us alive!

We will return to our regularly scheduled kids and knitting content shortly...mostly depending on little brother's plans (we are officially at the "could be any time now" stage) and my general crankiness/will-to-live level (see "could be any time now").


Namma said...

Wow!!! Nearly 15 inches of rain in the month of August is truly amazing. I was hoping you'd provide us with a summary once the month is/was finished. I knew you'd had over 12 inches, but didn't know how much more rain had fallen since that point.

Marianne said...

Dude, I don't know about everyone else but I love it when you get your geek on!
Sounds like you're having what we had back in May or June...? which means a tremendous amount of rain!
Too bad about the skeeter situation though, otherwise you'd have a couple of mud-puppies on your hands, eh? (which would be fun for them)...hang tough, it will all work out and I'm still amazed that it's 'could be any time' already!

knottykitty said...

Great precip charts! I love that stuff! So glad you haven't floated away, but I have heard tale that the mosquito size is legendary in your area! I'm hoping for you that "any day now" is real soon!