20 July 2007

FO: Baby Kimono

Yarn: Blue Sky Organic Cotton, Bernat CottonTots for Trim
Needles:Denise Interchangeables, size 7
Pattern: Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting. Used stockinette instead of the ubiquitous M-D garter stitch, also added a crochet edging and made crocheted ties instead of using ribbons.
Verdict: Other than the fact that I suck at seaming, this is a great baby knit! It was very easy and turned out very cute! As usual, when looking at tiny baby clothes, it blows my mind that they make people that small. Of course, I am used to looking at my big hulking four-year-old and two-year-old and still thinking "baby."

Since we were out running a couple of errands on the west side this morning before going to the library, we stopped in to Best Buy and got a card reader, so I am back in the picture business. It's a little mini one, so I'm going to have to figure out how to keep from losing it, but it was only $15, so if I get a new camera someday that uses a different kind of card, I won't be too heartbroken!

And, because I can, gratuitous kid pics:

Bug's new favorite hobby. Being fascinated by pulling a t-shirt up over the top of one's head must be a four-year-old thing. I don't get it, but he's happy.

And Bean, because if I take a picture of Bug, she wants to see herself on the camera screen too.


Marianne said...

Kids ARE funny that way! They all do that at some point or another.
Cute little Kimono!

Have a great weekend!

Namma said...

Glad you're back in business with a card reader, 'cause I was needing some pics of kidlets. The baby kimono is very cute and, most likely, a fast knit since it is for such a tiny person. Yes, we're all that way...amazed at how little newborns are once we get used to bigger kids.

knottykitty said...

Kute Kimono! Can't wait to see it on the live model! Your kidlets are such characters---funny! The t-shirt over head is probably amusing in the same way as tying a towel around your neck and pretending you are superman---or draping it over your head like long, flowing hair (my personal favorite!)