10 June 2007

Of Velcro Cats and Squirrelly Children

We survived our two-week vacation and had a lot of fun with Grandma, Grandpa, and Great-Grandma 'Dell. There will be details to come as Grandpa finishes pictures (we let him be the official photographer!) and I start getting back to normal. I popped into email and Bloglines occasionally while we were in Oregon, but didn't have nearly enough time to even pretend to stay caught up so, if you haven't seen or heard from me lately, I'm trying to get caught up!

While we were gone, Miss Mollie Dog stayed at the doggie hotel (boarded at the vet's) and the kittens stayed home with a friend checking in on them daily. Mollie had the entire vet staff wrapped around her little paw by the time we got back, so she didn't suffer a bit. The cats on the other hand have developed some abandonment issues. You know how cat hair sticks all over clothing? It turns out that if the situation is dire enough, Kitty Man hair will stick to my clothing with the cat still attached. Kitty Chai has been sticking pretty close too, but more within the context of a "normal cat" (I term I use very loosely). She has also made a couple of tries to escape out the front door to register her disapproval.

The kids had a fabulous time and did amazingly well in the car for a total of six days (2000 miles each way) and had a blast while we were there. However, we are now being repaid for their good behavior. Both kids have been unusually crazy since we got home. I completely understand that they are decompressing and readjusting to being home after a HUGE (but fun) upheaval, but man, Mama's tired and cranky and had just about had it!


Marianne said...

Egads! Hope they all (cats and children) settle down soon...for you and your sanity!
Glad you all had such a great trip and that you are back home safe, it a bit less on that 'sound' business. ;^)

Jeremy said...

What are Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sarah chopped liver? ;P

Namma said...

Uh-oh...you didn't mention what a fun time we had in Salem with Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sarah...and we certainly did have a good time with them at the children's museum there.

Hope the kidlets come down from their post-vacation high so that you can get some needed rest, too. We loved spending time with all of you...just wish the distance between us wasn't so great.