14 June 2007

A Bug's Eye View

Rumor has it (actually, an email from my mom) that the pics my dad took of our vacation exploits is in the mail and on the way, so there will hopefully be a bit of vacation recap occurring soonishly. Meanwhile, I thought I would give you a quick Bug's eye recap of the highlights of our trip:

  • "I need to tell Caffy" - we left our other car with one of Kitty Daddy's co-workers so it wouldn't have to sit in the apartment parking lot unattended for two weeks. For the first five days of our trip, Bug found at least one thing a day that he absolutely had to tell "Caffy" when we got back from our trip.
  • "Is it a flush potty or a porta-potty?" - Bug got his first taste of Porta-potties outside of a fruit stand on the way to the visit the coast (Mmmmmmm...unbelievable strawberries...the first real strawberries I have had in ages...at least since Bug has been born!). So everytime we stopped in a public restroom since, this was the question. If the potty in question was, in fact, a flush potty, the next question was, inevitably, "Is it a magic potty or a regular potty?" We also had our first experience with automatically flushing toilets. He was also completely taken by "Magic Sinks" and "Magic Paper Towels," but the toilets were the definite winner.
  • Electric Trains and Electric Blankets - while driving around Portland, we saw the MAX lightrail train and, as Bug is a big fan of trains in general, it was love at first sight. Bug and Namma had a discussion about how MAX was an electric train, rather than powered by typical diesel or steam engines. In the course of the discussion, other things powered by electricity came up, including the electric blanket, which Bug had never heard of. He got to see Grandma's electric blanket and has been taken by the concept ever since. He would have been delighted to drag everyone he met upstairs to see Grandma's electric blanket, but Bean was the only taker.


Marianne said...

Magic potty...I'm sitting here just giggling away...your little ones are just too cute and funny!

Namma said...

Well, you know, they do say that travel generally enhances your understanding of the world...and during his recent travels, Bug "discovered" a whole bunch of new things out there; however, I still chuckle at his amazement over the electric blanket.

knottykitty said...

Ahhh, a budding electrical engineer in the making...:)