18 June 2007

Father's Day Weekend

On Saturday, we went to Eugster's Farm for the annual Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast. For $5 for adults, $3 for kids three and over, and little ones free, we got all the scrambled eggs with ham, pancakes, frozen custard with strawberries, juice, coffee, and milk we could eat! We all had a wonderful meal, but Bean, who is still two, definitely got her money's worth. I think my parents can attest to just how many pancakes our little girl can eat (when Dad made pancakes while we were in Oregon, she ate more either KittyDaddy or me!). After eating, we had a ball playing in the Petting Farm area! The definite favorite was the huge sandbox:

Bug, the social butterfly, found all sorts of friends to play with!

They also spent quite a while playing on the swingsets. Both kids took a try on the monkey bars. I couldn't get an action shot of Bug, but here's Bean:

KittyDaddy was pretty worried that she would fall and get hurt. He didn't realize that she is part monkey and could have hung there for the whole afternoon. We also got to pet kittens and goats and chase chickens and check out all sorts of other animals. The deer were especially fun, since the little guys were getting "nummies"

I personally liked this guy, but I want to know what happened to the "a":

On Sunday, we took KittyDaddy out to dinner for Father's Day. We went to the Prime Quarter Steakhouse. It's a grill-your-own joint and we had a good time, though the kids got a little bored by the time we were done. The steaks were very good (and I'm not a big beef person, so that is high praise coming from me), too. They also had a salad bar, baked potatoes, and Texas toast. We got dressed up for dinner (well, relatively speaking, dressed up for us...I actually wore makeup). I didn't get pictures of the four of us, but later that evening, Bug put together his "Joe Cool Number One" ensemble, so I got a picture of him:

Of course, Miss Bean could never miss out on a photo op, so she posed, too:

All in all, a loverly weekend, although the temps were generally hanging out in the hot and humid region. Fortunately, it is supposed to cool down again by tomorrow!


Marianne said...

Mmmmm, pancake breakfast...what a deal!
Sounds like a great weekend!
I especially like Bug's manly Hello Kitty watch, please don't tell him I giggled....I personally think it takes a very manly dude who can pull that on off!
Your kids are soooo cute!

Namma said...

All I can say is "amen!" to the "kids are soooo cute" comment above...but then I'm pretty biased along those lines. Glad you all had a fun Father's Day weekend.

knottykitty said...

Sounds like you had such a fun weekend! I loved the babies getting "nummies!" :)

Thanks for all the nice well wishes you've been sending on your visits lately. Seems like I've been having a couple of rough weeks,what with the evil yarn, mystery illness and having to be employed again (that's really evil---LOL!) Hope you are feeling well! When are you having another ultrasound?