13 June 2007

Actual Knitting Content???

Is it true? Can it be?

Why yes, since one of the side benefits of a road trip vacation is knitting in the car time! My entrelac purse-ish things was almost done (I started binding off the night before we left), so I decided to leave it in Wisconsin, since I didn't think my folks needed to provide their washing machine for felting. Besides, I plan to line it, so I wouldn't have been able to finish it on the road anyway! Because of seatbelt laws, car knitting is one of the rare times I can knit without having small people climbing all over me, so I decided to go the involved, fiddly route and start my big lace shawl. After three cast-on attempts, more interruptions than I can count (I need a drink...I dropped my toy...how many miles to the next town...and so on), the discovery of just how much coordination it takes to deal with eight stitches on four sticks (way more than I actually possess), frequent and creative swearing, and nearly 800 miles, this was the result:

After two more days of knitting (that went much more smoothly...especially after I got out my nail file and sharped my Brittany DPNs) and about a half of a round done in Oregon, this is what I came home with:

It definitely looks much more like lace now. After taking this picture this morning, I finished the round I was on (36 stitches per needle, up from two!) and then switched to KnitPicks circulars and now this baby is going to sail! While I adore my wood DPNs, I readily admit that they might not be the best for picky lace knitting...especially if you want to do something completely silly like slide the stitches along the needle! But dang, my size six wood DPNs sure are sharp now!!

On the way home I decided I was too tired to deal with the intellectual side of lace, and I was about ready to change to circulars and the only circs I had were my Denise Interchangeables, which probably would have been even more aggravating than the wood DPNs, so I went with completely mindless stockinette and started a Mason-Dixon baby kimono for Little Brother using the Blue Sky Organic Cotton I got last summer with my birthday gift certificate. Right now, I am thinking about doing matching cap and booties using this and a coordinating soaker (not cotton, definitely wool!!) to take LB home from the hospital.

My last, not-so-grand update is my current sock. At the park yesterday, I finished the last two rounds before starting the heel and got a couple of rows into the heel in the car when we ran to the Home Depot last night!

So now, I will need to update my progress bars again and do something about the WIP ADD that is becoming apparent from that list! Hopefully, I can get some FOs out of that list and I am seriously considering frogging Bean's sweater and starting it over when fall gets closer. It has been sitting there for so long, I can't decide what I want to do for stripes, I'm just not feeling the love right now, and I just swiped the needles for my lace shawl.


knottykitty said...

Your lace is really gorgeous! I love that it starts from the center.

Marianne said...

That lace is beautiful and I love the colour...just yummy!

Anonymous said...

OMG, GORGEOUS, just gorgeous!!!! That is so beautiful!