03 March 2010

This looks like a nice place to have a knitting blog...

...except for the incredible dearth of all things fiber related.  I have been doing fibery things, just not blogging about them.  First a quick catch-up on finished objects.

Starting at top left:
1.  Penguin dishcloth, finished 1/13/09 (Yeah, I'm that far behind.  Deal with it.)
2.  I love you dishcloth, finished 2/13/09
3.  Beeb's Peace Fleece hat, finished 1/22/09
4.  Bean's Fish Hat, finished 2/28/09
5.  Raspberry Charade Socks, finished 6/27/09
6.  Beeb Shorties, finished 6/28/09
7.  Beeb Shorties, finished 7/17/09
8.  Leyburn Socks, finished 8/21/09
9.  Bean Water Bottle holder, finished 12/02/09
10.  Sweater for Missy, finished 2/12/10
11.  Scrubby, finished 2/12/10
12.  Beeb Shorties, finished 2/12/10

There are also a couple of other things finished that need pictures yet (one is a biggie!).  I'll get them up eventually, and hopefully before I'm over a year behind!  Coming soon...the last of the past due FOs, a spinning FO, some knitting/crocheting WIPs as I figure out what's next, and hopefully some more regular posting.


Namma said...

Okay, it's now apparent why you don't have time to keep up on your knitting blog...too much knitting?! Some really pretty yarn in those FOs...

MollyBeees said...

What a knitting gods brown noser! Finish things!?! I think NOT!