22 March 2010


We are loving the springy weather we’ve been having!  Last week we spent as much time outdoors as we possibly could.  While Bug and Bean were at their Aldo Leopold Nature Center class learning about maple syrup on Tuesday, Beeb and I got the groceries and then hung out at a nearby park.  We spent most of Wednesday afternoon at our favorite state park.  And Thursday morning was our first park day with our homeschooling buddies.  Even though it snowed several inches overnight Friday, most of it was gone by yesterday afternoon and we were back to lovely weather.

Bean and I took advantage of spring and spent some time cuddling lambies and other baby animals at the A-Z Farm Lambing Barn.  The animals were adorable, but I remembered why we haven’t been there for a couple of years.  TOO MANY people!  But, oh, were the babies adorable!  AND Ms. Bean got to pet a horse.  She is all about the horses these days.

We are also thinking spring gardening thoughts.  We made some paper pots for seedlings last week and hope to be planting some of our seeds this week!  We also put some onions in our garden.  I am so ready for green!

Let the sun shine in!


MollyBeees said...

Didja see the hedgehog. I SO want one now. Sorry I didn't get to check in with you again before you left. Talk about a wild day!

Namma said...

It's so nice that it's now officially spring. That means that any snow you get will not last, right?

Gardening is definitely on my mind, too. Let the wee things start to grow!