08 April 2008

If a tree falls in the forest...

and no one is there, does it make a sound? Or more to the point in this household: If a five-year-old goes to the bathroom without announcing it to the entire household and neighborhood, has he really gone?

Beeb is fully mobile. He is still mostly army crawling, but no longer just pulling with his arms. He gets the little toes curled under and uses them too. My new favorite hobby is getting him nakie and watching him do his thing. I love watching the little body parts doing their thing and working together. Of course, I try to be sensitive and do this in moderate doses as I imagine the army crawl isn't particularly gentle to the sweet widdle boy bits. ;o)

I have been knitting away, but have a couple of stealth projects in the works, so I can't blog about them. If you are a Raveler, you can see 'em, but the rest of the blogsphere will just have to wait. Other than that, I am just keeping on keeping on with various socks. I am taking full responsibility for the gorgeous weather we had last weekend. I am about halfway through the cuff on my Enough Stinkin' Winter socks, so only a couple more inches to go and they will be done and winter will be banished once and for all! I do have a couple of FO post to make. I'll get to them eventually.

Last Friday was Late Night Knitting at the Ear. And a winter clearance sale. Let's just say that "30% off Malabrigo" is not for the faint of heart. I got two skeins of the gorgeous blue worsted weight. It is going to be some sort of mittens/hat/scarf combo for next winter. I also picked up one more skein of the lace weight I got for Christmas. It was from the same dyelot, but not a perfect match, but maybe it can be a spare hank to keep for a pet. I am pretty sure that the other hanks will become this.


Marianne said...

Mmmm, that Laminaria is SO pretty!
my oh my, Malabrigo 30% off...!!!!!

As to Beebs and his crawling around in the buff and the sweet little boy bits, perhaps a pair of those little padded underpants? although I DO know what you mean, watching all the little muscles and limbs working together on that mobility thing :^) it never ceases to amaze me.

Namma said...

Can you keep Beebs army crawling for a few more weeks, please, so we can see him, too? Yeah, like you have any say over that...a new skill begins when it gets discovered!

YarnThrower said...

In answer to your question about a five year old going to the bathroom without announcing, and whether or not he's really gone, I don't know. My five year old still wakes us up in the middle of the night to let us know that he has to "to potty", and waits until we say, "Okay, you can go..."

Great yarn procurements! I'll love watching your Laminaria unfold!

Hege said...

That is a beautiful color!

Cindy G said...

A little bitty willie warmer? Sorry, couldn't resist; but just think, someday you could be pulling it out to show his finace: "And I knit this for Beebs when he was just a little tiny boy."