08 September 2007

Super Siblings

Bug and Bean are still completely enamored of their new baby brother. When they came to the hospital to visit on Tuesday, they each had their first turn getting to hold Baby Brother in the rocking chair. Bean was completely transfixed:

Bug thought it was pretty neat, too, but wasn't nearly as impressed as Bean. That was probably fortunate as Bean was already begging for her second turn holding Baby Brother the whole time Bug was taking his turn!

Tonight, we were running a couple of errands and the last errand was at Walgreens, just a few blocks from home. Baby Brother was starting to make time-to-eat noises and since the weather is finally pleasant again, we decided that Kitty Daddy would go in by himself and then walk home, while the kids and I drove straight home for Baby Brother's chow time. As we pulled out of the parking lot, BB decided that he had been patient long enough and started crying in earnest. Miss Bean held his hand while Mr. Bug sang "Rock-a-Bye Baby" the whole rest of the way home. Awwwwwww. BB wasn't much impressed, but Mama sure thought it was sweet!

The only big sibling trauma so far has been having to go home and leave Mama at the hospital for two nights, especially for my sensitive Bug. Somewhere along the line, Bug had asked for an explanation of the pain scale pictures on the wall:

When it was getting close to time for them to leave on Tuesday evening, Bug was feeling very sad (and overexcited and overtired and everything else), so he tearfully climbed up on my lap on the rocking chair for a few last moments of Mama time. While we were rocking and discussing that I would be home the next day and that I would miss him too, he told me that he was feeling like #10 on the picture. Fortunately, the next morning, when they all came to take me home, he pulled me to the side and confided that he was feeling like #0 again. That's my Bug...all or none, perfectly okay or full-scale tragedy.


Marianne said...

Awww, that is so sweet, Bug, #10 then 0...and the singing and holding BB's hand, so very sweet!

I'm glad everyone is doing alright, well, better than alright, eh?
Hope you're getting your rest... that was always a tough one for me, especially after I had Havala (#3)...so take great care with that.
All your children are so beautiful and sweet, I don't know how many times I came back just to get another look at BB...those babies! just love them.

Namma said...

All I can do after looking at and reading the "Super Siblings" post is reiterate the AWWWWWWWW (please note the capital letters!!). The pictures are just too cute for words...so I won't attempt to find any better way to express myself.

Hey, maybe you have the new nom-de-blog with BB? At various times, it could stand for any number of things: beautiful baby, baby brother, bawling baby, etc....sort of like it does with our neighborhood cat ;o)

Charity said...

The story of 10 or 0 is so sweet - you have a beautiful family. :0)

Megan said...

Baby is so beautiful! Many congratulations to you. Big brother and sister seem to be doing just great. You make it look too easy!