14 September 2007

Falling for Fall!!!

Last weekend we went for a drive and saw soybeans turning color and some corn being harvested and my will to live finally returned. Today is glorious fall weather. The thermometer is sitting at 55°F and there is a *frost warning* for tonight! I am loving it!

Baby Brother's Y-chromosome is certainly shining through...he eats like a truck driver, belches like a frat boy, and swears like a sailor. Oh wait...that was KittyDaddy when our little man managed to launch a poop from the changing table into the drawer with the diapering supplies (creams, Snappis, extra washcloths, etc.). You would think that by kid #3, he would have figured out the whole drape a clean diaper over things to catch a misfire. Oh well, I didn't laugh at him (well, not too much).

BB has also mastered the art of dining supported by the Boppy pillow, so I have been getting some knitting time in! I am starting to accumulate some finished except for weaving in ends things, so I need to get weaving and posting some FOs. One is the little hat I made to match the MDK baby kimono. I actually finished it before BB arrived and even remembered to take it to the hospital, but discovered that I had neglected to weave in ends. It worked out okay, though, since even though it looked too small to fit anything human, it was huge on BB. It will serve him this winter! I have also nearly finished one blanket square for Ms. Knitingale's Miner Blanket Project and am halfway through a second. My lace shawl is feeling a little bit too intellectually challenging for my sleep-deprived brain, but now that the weather is feeling fallish, the thought of curling up with the shawl will probably draw me back to it. I am on the last chart before the edging, so the end is in sight!


Namma said...

If I remember correctly (and I don't, more often these days), it was a daddy (yours, to be exact) who also was doing changing duty when there was the memorable "curtain poop launch." Fortunately, for him, he had to get back to work, so I got to clean up the results. I guess the lesson here is that even little girls need draping, at times.;o)

Glad to hear that fall weather has shown up in WI. When we lived "back east," as they say here, fall was always my very favorite time of year, too. I think maybe it still is...

Marianne said...

"and swears like a sailor" and I was thinking..."hey little dude!" so ok, it was KittyDaddy...dealing with projectile poo? lovely. ok, maybe you didn't laugh (not too much) I nearly spewed my water all over the place...thanks, I needed that.

Glad to hear you're getting some knitting time in and that your will to live returned...with the cooler weather... :^)
Have a great weekend!