28 May 2013

This is WAR!

After the various and sundry rabbits and ground squirrels did this:

to my parsley and this:

to my calendula and this:

and this:

to my strawberries and this:

to my kale, I did this:

to my garden.  Sadly, I am almost positive that I heard little bunny and ground squirrel snickers behind my back the whole time I was putting it up.


Namma said...

All I can say is if it isn't bunnies and ground squirrels, it's slugs and maybe a wandering deer. I've lost flowers and plants to both, but slugs and other plant-eating insects and such are my sworn enemies. Slug bait, anyone?

P.S. I'll bet the snickers die down once they figure out their buffet has been closed for the summer.