22 May 2013

Bean Dali (January 2013)

Watch out Salvador Dali, there's a new surrealist in town!  Surrealism appeals to an eight-year-old and, I have to say, I totally get it.  Like many other months, we start with a famous painting:  Persistence of Memory

You might need to embiggen it to see the melty clocks.  Or if you choose not to, we have a bonus melty clock:

The hands even move, so you can set it to whatever melty time you choose.  Next is a painting based on an less famous, but nonetheless well-known Dali motif, The Elephants:

Those are some serious long legs on those pachyderms.  Since Dali was know for his crazy mustaches, this month's self portrait took some liberties with gender:

It may not be clear from my photograph, but the mustaches were made of pipe cleaners and make this one three-dimensional.  And finally, a not-so-still-life.  I don't think this was inspired by a particular work, just a great example of surrealism and the unexpected.

Since Bean's grandma and grandpa visited The Dali Museum back when her uncle lived in Florida, they will definitely need to find their old pictures and compare notes with Bean at some point!


Namma said...

We love Miss Bean's Dali-esque paintings! Great addition of the mustache. Be on the lookout for a couple of photos from grandpa. We couldn't take photos inside the museum, so these will have to suffice.