08 December 2009

The Novelist

Bug has not only taken up writing, but he is ready to publish his first novel. The only problem is that he wrote it in magic marker on the wood of his loft. Gonna be a serious pain in the tuckus to get it in an envelope to submit for publication! It is an enthralling and thrilling story about the Bionicles. Pictures and a (lightly edited) transcription can be found here.

I am just tickled beyond words by the whole thing, but I did gently suggest that he might consider using a notebook in the future. A word to NaNoWriMo 2010: Bug is looking at you!


Namma said...

Wow! That's quite a novel novel, indeed! Actually, it looks very decorative on his loft...plus he can conveniently read it as a bedtime story every night.

Cindy G said...

Um, it's written in Hawaian?

Seriously, you are a cool Mom to appreciate the creativity and not freak out about the medium.