14 November 2009

Taking inventory

Fiber-wise, that is. My fiber life has clearly been as chaotic and scrambled as my blogging life. I am up to my armpits in WIPs. We'll consider this post to serve the dual purpose of me getting my act (somewhat) together and updating the world as to my fiber stuff.

Fiber, the first: Knitting.

  • Turquoise Leyburn Socks: Done. Too small to get over my big heels. Need to take FO photos and find them a home with a smaller footed person.
  • Raspberry Charade Socks: Done. Need to take FO photos before I wear them out.
  • Beeb Shorties II (Red, Orange, and Yellow): Done. Need to take FO photos before Beeb grows out of 'em.
  • Bug's Fish Hat: Almost done. I'll have to dig it out to see what is left. I also need to sew the eyes back on Bean's Fish Hat again.
  • Kitty Man Socks: Need to figure out where I left off. I misplaced one of the socks, the non-missing sock's needle broke, and my mojo had left the building before I got everyone reunited.
  • Hemlock Shamrock Sweater: Heading into the home stretch. I have been plugging away and am currently working on the sleeves. I may even get to wear it this winter!!
  • More Beeb Shorties (greenish and bluish): Wandered away from them. Need to get back to it and finish before Beeb decides to potty train!
  • Bright Leyburn Socks: Was coming into the home stretch on the first sock when they got misplaced. Found them a couple of days ago, so hope they will start chugging along.
Fiber, the second: Spinning
  • Bunny: I have about an ounce of bunny that I haven't touched for over a year. We won't discuss it any further.
  • Mountain Colors Targhee: Over 3/4 of the way through it, but haven't spun since mid-September. Note to self: Locate spinning mojo and finish it up!!
Fiber, the third: Crochet
  • Little Crochet on the Prairie Scarf: I took a vintage crochet class at the Ear in October and started a scarf based on a crochet edging that Laura's Ma made as cuffs on a dress. I am now completely intrigued by vintage knitting and crocheting. Yeah, I know. I was just sitting around bored before, but now that I have another hobby to keep me busy, I'm golden. Or something. It is pretty though:


I've done about a zillion of the little loopies and came back to the circle to go the other way. Then I have to go around the whole with the edging. I'll have to get a more recent picture soon!


Namma said...

Once you have conquered crocheting, how about tatting? ...or maybe Hardanger, now that you're surrounded by Norwegian flags?

Cindy G said...

Wow, for someone who doesn't/didn't crochet you sure could have fooled me. That's beautiful.

I love vintage, too.