30 March 2009

The lost is found!

Last December, we had some issues with the Kitty Man socks that led me to "hibernate" them indefinitely. This was my note in Ravelry:

12/08 - Hibernating for now. I had been carrying them around in my purse, but rarely working on them. Then one sock got separated from the sock bag. I worked on that one briefly, then the circ got fatally bent. The project bag with the other sock and the other circular seems to be MIA so I can’t work on either. It will turn up Perhaps after the holiday dust has settled…
Well, apparently there was a lot of holiday dust. But before anyone tries to cast (too many) aspersions on my housekeeping skills, I will say in my defense: I found them in a box of stuff that was completely random (like Bean embroidery, newspaper clippings about bats, drawings from the kids) and nothing I would have put together, so my suspicion is that Kitty Daddy may have done a pre-holiday sweep of things he didn't think should be laying out any more and stuffed the box in a corner of the combination guest room/mama's studio.

Finding them today was especially auspicious as I am wearing a Kitty Man orange long sleeved T-shirt that matches the socks perfectly!


Namma said...

Here's to the memory of a great little friendly crazy kitty...Kitty Man...our sleeping buddy when we visited.