28 March 2013

"Spring" Break

Alternate title: Denial Runs Deep
Although we don't give a fig for the school calendar most of the time, we have really noticed Spring Break this year. For one, we are having a week with no art class, no fencing, no piano lessons, and no tumbling. Further, Spring weather has been unusually conspicuous in its absence. At a certain point all you can do is throw up your hands and say "To heck with it." So, we did, and went to the park.

Yes, there is still (significant) snow on the ground. Yes, the temps topped out on the 40's. Yes, she's wearing short sleeves.

Yes, my choice of footwear may not have been the most appropriate.

Yes, we had a great time.

Yes, it was just what we needed. There was even a rumor going around to the effect of an eyewitness sighting of my sense of humor. Imagine that.


Namma said...

Miss Bean is the bravest one(?), with short sleeves while there is still snow on the ground! I hesitate to mention that we've got spring fever (and the accompanying allergies) in a big way here...temps in the 60s and lots of pink and white blossoms on trees. There was a pic of Lake Monona in our paper yesterday, showing the ice heaves.