14 September 2012

Taking advantage

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is having the flexibility to take advantage of gorgeous weather when it comes. Today is sunny and clear. It's warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Just about perfect.

So we started with the library after lunch, where Mr. Beeb got a shiny new library card (in our family, the magic age is five though the library will issue cards earlier). Next, we picked up a few things from the Co-op, followed by a trip to our favorite bakery. However, today we got our doughnuts to go and headed to the park.

As a bonus, we have the state park almost to ourselves. We can listen to the birds, climb the "mountain", look at the trees and flowers, talk to the bugs, build fairy houses, throw rocks in the lake, or just sit quietly and knit a sock and enjoy the view.


Namma said...

Your weather report reminds me why my favorite time of the year has always been fall...it's those warm (not hot), sunny days and cool nighYts. It's also a bonus to me that some of my favorite colors are the colors of fall.

Congratulations to the Beebs for getting his first library card. Like the rests of the family, I'm sure he'll use it to bring much pleasure into his life.