20 March 2011

The Downstairs Playroom

We finally finished getting the great play room reorganization wrapped up.  I managed to weed out a few toys…not as many as I had hoped, but it’s a start and the drama and tragedy was kept to a minimum.  We now have a nice place for everyone to do their thing and as long as I stay on top of everyone, I am hoping we can keep it cleaned up and enjoyable.

We have all of the “play house” stuff along one wall with plenty of room to pull out the table and chairs to play kitchen.  It would be nice to keep it out, but this space is between the stairs and the rest of the basement, so everything gets tucked back in when we are done, so we don’t have to worry about tripping over stuff.


I found a chair and a loveseat at the thrift store, so there is a place to sit with a book and a blankie or a nice place for mommas to sit and chat now that we can actually have someone over for a playdate again without worrying about losing a child in the chaos.


And finally, the new shelves!  There is a bin for almost all of the rest of the toys, so there is a clear difference between put away and claiming to have picked up, but in fact thrown things any old place.  There are also shelves that are out of reach to some family members to make “Don’t take anything new out until you pick up the old mess” somewhat more enforceable.  The table is a good place for Lego building or art projects and there is enough floor space for trains or blocks and the like.


Although we are starting to get to the season of more outside time, it will be nice to have a welcoming space inside, especially in the cooler basement once the summer starts warming up!  Hopefully, I can remember to get some pictures of this space in action…

I am still puttering away at weeding out and organizing throughout the house, but the next big project to tackle is the downstairs bedroom.  If I can chip away at it, I am hoping to once again unearth the futon so we have a functional guest bedroom once more and get the rest of the space organized so I can have a welcoming place for crafting and creating.  The biggest obstacle is taming the clutter, so I just need to keep making progress on that…


Elizabeth said...

Great job! And good finds at St. Vinnie's. A good basement play space is wonderful in the hot summer. If you get your clutter tamed, you can come tame mine.

Namma said...

The secret to taming the clutter is to not let it happen in the first place, but [sigh] I think most of us mere mortals find that an impossible practice to keep, no matter how hard we try. It's just too easy to start a small pile of clutter, which then begins to expand exponentially. I, myself, have several piles that I can't bring myself to go through...

Your play room reorg looks splendid. I'm sure that all of you are enjoying the orderliness...and also being able to find things and have the space to use them. Congratulations on a job well done!!

MollyBeees said...

This looks awesome! When you comin' to my house to organize. I promise if you do it once, I'll keep all of my toys picked up!

Verification word: sismon. If we were in Jamaica, I would say, 'You feel like my sismon!'