20 December 2010

Preparation and Mounting

I couldn’t find the master list that the scientists made before departing when I was taking pictures last night, but it showed up in the laboratory this morning.  Everything was duly checked off as the bags were packed:


After soaking and some additional gentle cleaning, the fossilized bones were laid out to be assembled:


The lead paleontologist did the actual assembly, while his able assistants documented the process and looked things up on the computer:

100_2713   100_2714

Bug did most of the assembly, but Mom-the-muscle had to be called in occasionally to snap together a stubborn joint.  My big clumsy thumbs also cracked the large claw on one foot, but it wasn’t completely broken and didn’t fall off, so I think it will be fine as a museum model if it isn’t touched too much!  The lead paleontologist poses with the finished skeleton:


And, finally, the display is assembled on the museum shelf:


There is a map of Asia, some information about Velociraptors and the finished skeleton.  Museum staff are duly impressed by the new exhibit.


Namma said...

Very cool! I really like the fact that the paleontologists were able to imaginatively visit the site while they excavated the velociraptor skeleton. These two museum-goers are also duly impressed with the result of the dig!

P.S. Dad checked with Peter Larson at BHI. Pete said to fix the cracked foot with Superglue.