15 June 2010

It’s Growing!


The frequent rainfall, combined with a few days of scorching temps interspersed here and there has resulted in crazy garden growth.  The corn, beans, and pumpkins/gourds have been going crazy and I am starting to get a little frightened of the oregano (front row, center right).

The tomatoes are still on the small side, but the seedlings didn’t get a great start and then got abused during hardening off, so I’m just grateful as many survived as there are.  I did have to fill in a couple of tomatoes from a friend with some spares, but over half survived a rough beginning!

Miss Bean got a pink geranium and Bug got a sun sugar tomato from our CSA open house last week.  The geranium is thriving next to the lavender in the front and the tomato, christened Hin III, is in the topsy-turvy on the deck.

We get our first CSA box this week and there have been rumors of garlic scapes, so I am very excited.  Also, I think tomorrow morning will be strawberries U-pick.  Yum!!!


Cindy G said...

Feed me, Seymour, feed me ;-)

Namma said...

That just goes to show you what some nice "warm" weather will do! Our rainfall has been the greatest ever recorded for the last six weeks, and the temps have consistently been 10 degrees cooler than normal. Those two conditons add up to happy pea and leaf veggies (cool weather plants) and very unhappy tomato and basil plants (some-like-it-hot plants).

P.S. How appropos! The word verification was "digged"...and I seem to remember doing some digging in conjunction with your garden patch!;o)