17 February 2010

There's a fungus amongus!

Last Saturday we ventured out to the Alliant Center for the Garden Show.  Except for the whole screaming heebie-jeebie thing from facing a great mass of humanity all piled into one place, it was an afternoon well spent.  Bean didn't get to look at flowers as long as she would have liked to (see "humanity all piled in one place"), but we promised that we would go look at some nurseries so she can get her flower fix.  We were mostly just looking and getting inspiration, but found a couple of cool things to bring home.  One of these is a Shiitake table-top farm.  We got it unwrapped and set up on Sunday:

and we already have mushrooms sprouting:

The kids are sharing the responsibility of misting the block every day.  They still have plenty of growing to do before harvest, but there are plans in the works for a pizza with some of our harvested mushrooms, homemade mozzarella, and canned from garden/CSA/farmers' market tomato sauce, and perhaps some pastured Italian sausage from the Trautman's farm.


Namma said...

How totally cool!!! I was just reading about commercial mushroom farming operations that are taking place here in Oregon...in addition to all the folks who roam our forests harvesting various kinds of mushrooms.

I must say, though, that your mushroom farm looks like an angel food cake gone bad...;o), but the future pizza sounds delish!