12 July 2009

Old Garden Update

These pictures are over two weeks old, so already woefully outdated, but I'll get them posted and then try and get a set of new pictures in the next day or two.

Container tomato on the front porch:

Pumpkins beside the house:
The whole garden:
Close-ups of the herbs - cilantro:
Rosemary (I think, need to double check):
Topsy-turvy tomato with actual tomatoes:
A quick comment about the topsy-turvey...I had been trying to heft the watering can over my head and hit the smallish hole in the planter. The usual result was water all over the deck and me and no clue how much I had given the tomato. After several weeks of this, I finally hit on a solution. I now fill a 12 oz. pop can and put it upside down in the hole. The lid is tapered and the hole is slightly smaller than the can so it just sits there and empties. I am inordinately pleased with myself for coming up with this.

And finally watering the garden:


Anonymous said...

your're definitely getting two for the price of one with your garden watering—the thirsty plants get a good drink, and the three Bs get a fun session of running through the sprinkler on a hot day!

Great idea on the pop can watering the Topsy-turvy tomato. Frustration can be such a good impetus for invention.

Namma said...

Oops...guess I hit the wrong button [sigh].

Knittymama said...

I'm loving the pumpkins alongside the house.