23 September 2008

w00t! We have finished objects

First up, a whole mess of hats (and one pair of mittens) knit for charity. There are a bunch, but I have been going to the Sow's Ear Charity Knit for at least three months now, so spread these out over at least that long!


There is one more hat that fits between the mittens and the green hat. It has a tassle that matches the first two hats and the rest is green. I handed it over to the Sow's Ear without taking a picture. Hat number eight is on the needles. These are pretty quick and pleasantly mindless!

Next up spinning, but not mine! Well, okay, partly mine as I had a hand pretty heavily involved at most times! Here's Bugs:


A very high energy single yarn, which is remarkably apropos! And here is Beans:


Not much, as she lost interest more quickly, but I'm sure we'll pick it back up again sometime.

Next up, mine again. Because I simple do not spend enough time at the Sow's Ear, I have added the monthly Dish-cloth-along. September was a fallish squirrel (in the ever so fallish colorway Swimming Pool):


Next up, more of the kids' handiwork. I have been trying to get Bug started with finger knitting as I have heard that it can be fabulous for helping spunky/spirited/crazy kid settle themselves down. We have had limited success with the finger knitting (VERY limited compared to the frustration level!), so when I saw one of these demonstrated by one of the other kids at our homeschool group, I picked one up for Bug to try. And it was a resounding success. He loves it and has declared himself ready to go to Knit Night. Here is his first FO, a snake:


Bean was devastated at Hobby Lobby since Bug was getting something and she wasn't, so when we got home, I dug through my old cross-stitch supplies and got her started with embroidery (or, as she calls it, sewing). She picked out the colors and did all the sewing herself:


She has picked out a second set of colors and is currently working on her second piece.

Finally, one more from me. I finished up the last of the apples we picked last week and now we have:

There are two pints of apple butter and six pints of applesauce. That's in addition to the batch of applesauce we made last week (and ate the same day), the additional pint or so of applesauce I put in the fridge for dinner tonight, the half pint of apple butter that went straight into the fridge from this batch and about five half pints in the freezer from the first batch of apple butter. I'm going to be peeling and coring apples in my sleep!

Hopefully, I will have a few more FOs before long...I have several thing so close, but just need to be tipped over the edge (which I am just FAMOUS for, by the way). Laminaria just needs blocking, the purse I am making with the leftovers from the kids' slippers is so close...I just need to felt the handle and sew it on. When I felt the handle, I can FINALLY finish Bean's princess hat. I just need to find the purse handle. Umm, yeah. One of the hazards of moving.


Namma said...

What a great bunch of hand- and home-made projects by the various members of your family...well done, all of you! And I must say that Miss Bean makes an adorable hat (and hand) model.

Marianne said...

The hats and mittnz are great, good going!
Yowza! the kids' handspun, you best be keeping your eye on your fibre stash, you definitely have spinners! and I love Bean's 'sewing'... fabulous choice of colours!

MollyBeees said...

Look at how industrious y'all are! Bug is a natural knitter! And Bean used all of my favorite colors in her embroidery. Beeb is artistic too based on the face painting he did on his birthday. So what if his muse as well as his medium is spaghetti sauce!

Remind me that I have some crayons for your bunch next time I see you. I cleaned out my art supply box!

denise said...

Oh, cool. I'm glad that knitting nancy worked for him. :)

Stephany said...

It all looks great! I finally got one of mine interested in doing something with me. Darian loves the needle felting.

YarnThrower said...

My goodness, you all have been so busy! I'm exhausted just reading your post! I love all of the projects you do with your kids!